Very Good Boy Brings Toilet Paper To Human Stranded On The Toilet

It's a pickle everyone older than a baby can relate to: You're sitting on the toilet when you realize there's NO tp.

Do you shimmy, pants bunched around ankles, to the storage closet in the hallway? Ask your significant other or roommate to drop reinforcements just outside the bathroom threshold? Use the shower like a bidet?

The options are few and NONE are any good.

Such was the terrifying scenario Sabina Kapetanovic, a dog owner found herself in recently.

In a Facebook post that has gone massively viral, the Canadian woman explains what led to this untimely shortage — and the unlikely means of her salvation. (Hint: It wasn't a cat. Those heartless monsters literally don't give a shit.)

"Ok so this morning.. I was in the bathroom and my boyfriend was in the second bathroom, both #2 (sorry for the details 🙄 i swear its necessary) so when i was done I realized there was no toilet paper 😱 I yelled to my bf that i needed paper.. but he couldnt get up[.]"

Enter Ozzy, one of four dogs (and a "micro" pig!) that lives with the couple.

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The Italian greyhound and very good boy was dispatched posthaste on a mercy mission to the bathroom occupied by boyfriend Louis.

With the help of a cell phone charging cable, he hung an extra roll of the soft stuff around the doggo's neck. Cued by Sabina's calls, Ozzy subsequently made his way to the couple's second bathroom, where he was greeted like the American G.I.s that freed Paris from German occupation.

The embed below captures Ozzy at the moment of his triumphant return.

But, judging by a second picture, even he found the sordid ordeal to be a little awkward. #TMI, am I right or AM I RIGHT?

According to an interview with The Dodo, Ozzy's doggo delivery was somewhat fortuitous:

"The funny thing about my dog is whenever I put something on him, a bandage or whatever, he freezes! But this time he was such a good boy."

It's also looks like a one-off. When asked if the dog would be couriering other items around the house, Sabina noted that a request for adult bevies had fallen on deaf ears:

"I tried to make him bring wine ... Fail."

😂 😂 😂

Has your pup come to your aid at a time of need? Tell us about it in the comments below!