Brides Love These Wedding Llamas More Than Their New Husbands

Ah, Portland.

Famed for keeping it weird, the Rose City is home to a unicycle-riding, bagpipe-playing Darth Vader, vegan strip clubs, the cutest basket dogs anywhere, and now — therapy llamas garbed in formal wear that will come to your wedding (THIS IS NOT A DRILL)!

This earthshaking news comes to us by way of People Pets, who spill the details in a new report published earlier in the week.

"This is a special service offered by Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas in Oregon, a non-profit group that brings certified therapy llamas and alpacas to senior homes, classrooms, children's hospitals and more."

According to Mtn Peaks official website, the adorable llamas (and alpacas!) have been certified as therapy animals by DoveLewis Animal-Emergency Hospital, the city's preeminent 24-hour emergency and intensive care unit.

Dating to 2007, the org's assorted four-legged emissaries — headlined by "Rojo", "Napoleon," and "Smokey" — have made more than 1,000 appearances at birthday parties, BBQs, weddings, community, and corporate events.

On account of their laid-back temperaments, they're perfect around guests of all ages, but especially children and those young of heart.

Even better, the llamas provide a much-needed icebreaker for shyer folks and will patiently pose for epic Instagram selfies before, during, and after the nuptials.

"Some unique features of llamas and alpacas that set them apart from other therapy animals are that they can handle extensive and aggressive hugs because they are used to neck-wrestling and chest-butting one another while they play, so it's really difficult to over-stress our llamas … llamas and alpacas also let you come right up close and gaze into their beautiful eyes without feeling threatened and are very gentle to feed."

And judging by the pictures embedded below, they're a huge hit!

Have you been to a wedding with therapy animals? Tell us about it in the comment section below!