Gigantic Cat Waits By Woman’s Door With A Known Motive

There are affectionate cats and then there are affectionate cats.

Tihon the giant Maine Coon cat is a serial hugger
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credit: kotyiliudi / Instagram

Take Tihon, a gentle giant with a majestic white coat that lives with his people in Moscow.

Speaking earlier this week with Love Meow, they revealed that the fluffy Maine Coon with heterochromic eyes (one's blue, the other hazel) craves attention, cuddles, and hugs:

"He likes to sit in my arms all the time. He doesn't like to be alone, and always follows me wherever I go, even the bathroom."

In and of itself, such affection isn't particularly unusual in a cat, right? What sets Tihon apart, however, is his impressive girth and length.

Get. A. Load. Of. This. Behemoth. 👀

Gigantic Maine Coon just wants to be held
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credit: kotyiliudi / Instagram

According to Wikipedia, Maine Coons — who are occasionally confused for wild bobcats — are among the world's largest domestic breed of cat: Males average 18 pounds and measure nearly 48 inches from head to tail.

Even more mind-blowing: They don't reach their final form until ages 3-5, unlike most cats who stop growing after 12 months.

While Tihon's physical measurements remain unknown, pictures indicate that he TOWERS over his feline roommate, an exotic shorthair with a smushed face.

Because "his mission is always to be near [his humans]", Tihon will wait by the door for them to come home after work. And when they do, he's eager to climb into their arms (awww...).

In fact, he's most happy when they cradle him like a baby as they walk around their apartment.

And good luck trying to open your laptop around Tihon because that ain't happening in this or any other lifetime.

For more of Tihon's adorable adventures, follow his Insta.

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