Peacefully Sleeping Kitten Is The Newborn You Need To Hold Right Meow

Cat moms everywhere have finally been outdone.

An adorable newborn kitten named Luna is the star of the most incomprehensibly adorable photoshoot ever imagined. Like, these portraits should be locked deep in a basement vault beneath the Smithsonian to preserve cuteness for generations of Americans to come.


These newborn baby kitty photos have been brought into the world by a world champion cat mom named (not joking) Kitty (you can't make this up) Schaub. Ahem... Kitty Shaub credits her delightful daughter as the inspiration for this picture-purrfect photoshoot.

"My daughter got a new kitten, and as a professional photographer who often shoots newborns — this was the result," the photographer wrote in a blog post.

Indeed... mixing kittens and awesomeness is ALWAYS "the result!"

I mean, just look!

Luna is even adorable when she's not being adorable! How is this fair at all?

Do you need more cuteness? Kitty Schaub is offering a calendar that gives you even more portraits of adorable Luna being cute cute cute! Proceeds benefit the important work of Save A Stray, an organization devoted to providing care to homeless cats and dogs.

Do you have any photos of your baby pet? Share a snap in the comments section!