20 Precious Pups In Bags

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Have you ever found yourself standing around in public, minding your own business, when suddenly your doggy sense begins to tingle? You look around, scanning the crowd for potential puppers, but you see nothing, and your heart sinks. Zero puppers.

But wait! What's that? Poking out of that stranger's inconspicuous handbag? A nose? Two ears? A fuzzy widdle face? Yes! A pupper! The day is saved. Thank goodness for dogs in bags.

Video of the Day

1. This pompom is ready for the beach.

2. "Fine, I'll ride in your backpack. But I won't be happy about it!"

3. When the city says you can't bring dogs on the subway unless they're in a bag...

4. Check out the chic neckerchief. Oh la la!

5. Zzzzzz.

6. Have you ever seen a more boopable nose?

7. Hey, dog, the train is coming from the other direction.


9. Riding that line between bag and sweater.

10. "Shh. I'm camouflage."

11. How much do you have to work out to carry this dog around?

12. Aww, it's a matched set!

13. Bonk.

14. All purses are on sale! (Dog not included.)

15. It's like the starting line at a Frenchie sack race.

16. What does her dog know that we don't?

17. This is how you keep your hot dogs cool.

18. There's a good chance that this dog is actually a very realistic stuffed animal.

19. Excellent bag, very breathable, plenty of ear room.

20. Wow, this bag actually looks super comfortable. Is there one for humans?