15 Things You Can Buy For The Same Price As Adopting A Cat

According to the ASPCA, 3.2 million cats are brought to shelters across the country every year. While some think adopting a cat is a huge financial burden, it's actually the exact opposite. The average cost of adopting a kitty is about $50, and even though things like age and breed can slightly affect this price, it will be the wisest purchase you make all year.

If you still think you can't afford it, here are 15 things that cost the same amount as bringing home your new bestie.

Cute Kitten asking for adoption with cardboard sign
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1. Five months of "Netflix and chill."

Funny cat with a remote control to TV
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At $12 a month, Netflix is a sweet deal for savvy shoppers, but the real bargain is a cuddly kitten to watch The Office with after a hard day of work.

2. Eight Coconut Cold Brews from Starbucks

Cup of coffee
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We all love the java first thing in the morning, but cutting out two weeks worth of fancy frappes from your budget leaves you plenty of dollars for the kitten of your dreams.

3. Five Shirts from Forever 21.

We have bought a cat
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Skip those trendy shirts that will just shrink and pill the first time you wash them and spend those hard-earned Benjamins on something that will last — like a new feline friend.

4. A luxurious mani-pedi.

Cat enjoys Spa treatments at the beauty salon
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You know what will still be around once your nail polish chips after a week? The cat you adopted.

5. Two months of the Pickle Of The Month Club.

Close-up of a Birman licking against white background
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Sure, pickles are delicious. But sharing a can of tuna with your kitty companion is a real treat.

6. A new pair of shoes.

Kitten is sitting in a shoe
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Do you really need that pair of bedazzled gladiator sandals you'll probably never wear?

7. A 20-mile Uber ride.

Funny cats are driving on a yellow cab. Taxi car with driver and passenger.
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Your friends will happily give you a ride once you tell them you show them your new roommate. Who cares if all they do is sleep all day and play all night?

8. Date night at the movies.

Black kitten and retro of the audio cassette.
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Taking your partner on a date to the movies is great, but instead of spending money on something you'll only enjoy for 2 hours, invest in something that'll put a smile on your face (and hair on your clothes) for years to come.

9. A generic tattoo picked off the shop wall.

Tattooing close-up
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Who doesn't want a crappy tattoo that 300 other people already have?

10. Six burritos.

Cinco De Mayo Cat and Dog
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Food tastes so much better when you have someone to nudge your arm constantly while you try to eat it.

11. Five albums on iTunes.

Cat headphones wearing sunglasses relaxing in the grass.
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Yeah, your gym time might be more exciting with a few new tunes to listen to while you run on the treadmill, but skipping out on that Beyonce anthology will save you enough dough to bring home a real superstar.

12. One round of tequila shots for you and your friends.

cat asleep near a glass.
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The buzz will only last so long and then you'll be left standing at the bar wondering where all your money went. Spend that money adopting a cat and you'll have someone to lay in bed with the next time you're nursing a hangover.

13. A cardboard cutout of yourself.

Cute red cat in a cardboard box.
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On second thought, go ahead and order this one (but still adopt the cat!). Your new kitty will love the cardboard box.

14. One video game.

Cat and tablet
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When all your friends move on to the next big game craze, you'll still have a loyal friend to curl up in your lap while they shell out more cash just to keep up with the trends. But little do they know, a cat never goes out of style.

15. Three large cheese pizzas.

Red cat eats pizza on the asphalt
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Because nothing tastes as good as adopting a cat makes you feel.

16. A loyal companion (hint: it's a cat!)

Young happy with your cat at home Couple, pets
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Opening your home (and your heart) to a kitty in need is something that will enrich your life day after day. Not to mention, watching them chase a fly or roll around with a ball of catnip is enough to turn the biggest Scrooge into a pile of mush.