Do I Need To Adopt Two Cats Together?

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If you're considering adopting a cat, you might as well adopt two. (Also, can I come over and play with them?!)


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Blessed with two rescue cats of my own, there's never a boring moment at my house. They pounce each other, wrestle, and cuddle. Watching my two cats play is way better than any of my favorite TV shows. It's even cute when they're relaxing together!

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When I adopted Max as a kitten, Emily was fully grown. She took to Max immediately, giving him baths and teaching him important kitty lessons, like how to pounce, the best nap spots and how to demand food. They quickly became BFF's, and now they're inseparable. And frankly, it's not that much more work on my end. There are a few more poops to scoop in the litter box, and twice as much fur on my clothes, but it's well worth it. I love knowing they're keeping each other company while I'm at work, and I don't feel guilty if I have to stay late.


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It's such a good idea to adopt two cats together, that some animal shelters will offer two-for-one adoptions. Two cats for the price of one! What a deal.

One of the places that occasionally offers two-for-one adoptions is Best Friends Animal Society. "While you do not need to adopt two cats together, a lot of cats benefit from the companionship of another cat just as much as they benefit from yours. Plus, is there really such thing as too many cats?" says Lawrence T. Nicolas, the manager of Adoptions and Animal Care at Best Friends Animal Society of Utah.


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Two kittens (especially from the same litter!) will be a cinch to bring into your home. As for adult cats, look for a bonded pair or ask the folks in the shelter to help you find two cats that will get along well.

If you can afford another mouth to feed as well as the potential vet bills, there's no reason to only adopt one cat. You'll be saving another life, the cats will be happier, and you'll be endlessly entertained! It's a win win win!

Remember, the only thing better than one cat is two cats! Tell us about your bonded cats in the comments!

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