Everything You Need Ready On The Day You Adopt A Cat

Concatulations! You've found the feline of your dreams at your local shelter. At the shelter, you paid an adoption fee which covered expenses for important services: spaying or neutering, a microchip, the first set of distemper shots and any deworming that was needed. Now it's time to bring Kitty home!

Everything You Need Ready On The Day You Adopt A Cat
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Whether you've chosen a cat or a kitten to add to your family, there are a few things you'll need to make your new family member feel purrfectly at home. Over time you'll add to your collection of cat supplies, but this list will cover the basics.

1. Litter Box Supplies

Your cat will need, include a litter box, litter and a scooper. There are a few different fancy types of litter boxes on the market, including self-cleaning ones. As an experienced cat mom, I promise the inexpensive, big, deep plastic litter box works just fine.

I also prefer clumping litter because it makes clean up super easy. Scoop up poops and pees at least twice a day. Cats are fastidiously clean animals, and the happiest felines have a clean litter box.

Everything You Need Ready On The Day You Adopt A Cat
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2. Food

As for food, my cats are the most content when I feed them dry and canned food twice a day, breakfast, and dinner. I also sing songs when I feed them; this adds to their experience, like a little dinner theater or maybe they tolerate it because they are getting food. Feel free to experiment with singing, but do some research on the food you'll feed Kitty. There's plenty of healthy cat food options these days. Treats are optional, but they are fun! My cats go crazy for them, and it's always a party when the treats come out! You can also use treats to train your kitty to do tricks if you're into that.

3. Toys

Cats love toys! Well, some cats love some toys, but one thing felines will agree on: BUY YOUR CAT A LASER POINTER. Not only will it create bonding time between you and your new kitty, it's a fantastic form of exercise and a hoot to watch your cat chase the disappearing red dot. Good times.

4. A place to sleep

While your new cat will quickly take over the house, as well as your bed, it's courteous to provide a special, cozy bed just for Kitty. Bonus points if that bed that doubles as a hiding place.

Everything You Need Ready On The Day You Adopt A Cat
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5. A carrier

A carrier is a must-have for transporting Kitty. There are different types of carriers available, some are hard plastic, and others are made from the comfy stuff. My advice: Bribe Kitty with treats, toys, and attention to convince her that the carrier is not evil. I sure wish I did. It's a battle to get my cats in their carrier now. Learn from my mistakes!

Everything You Need Ready On The Day You Adopt A Cat
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6. Scratching post

Cats have nails and they're going to scratch, but there is a clever way to curb naughty scratching. My two cats are crazy about corrugated cardboard scratching posts. Sprinkle with catnip and watch your cat get high and happily scratch away. There's a bunch of different types of scratching posts on the market, but the more money you spend on something, the more likely your cat is to hate it.

Everything You Need Ready On The Day You Adopt A Cat
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7. Nail trimmers

You'll also need a pair of nail trimmers and a lot of patience to learn to trim your kitty's nails like a pro. The folks at the shelter or at the vet's office can show you how.

7. Grooming tools

Another way to bond with your new cat is brushing her out. Not only does it remove extra hair and dander, it feels great to the cat and there are fewer gross hairballs to clean up — a win win! Research grooming tools and see what is purrtinent to Kitty.

Not only are you saving a life when you adopt a cat from a shelter, you're gaining a new BFF. Soon your new cat will take over the household and become a member of the family.

Please tell me about your adopted cat in the comments, I can't get enough happy cat stories! Let me know what cat supplies you and your cat can't live without, and also if you sing to your cats when you feed them.