Clever Bride Replaces Flowers With Adoptable Puppies For A Dream Wedding

If you already get emotional at weddings, you should probably grab some tissues. Matt Crain and Sarah Mallouk Crain are two dog lovers who got married in Pennsylvania. Their wedding was picturesque in every way.

But since dogs are such an important part of their lives, they decided to include them on this important day. So they brought in a handful of adoptable puppies for what may be the most adorable wedding photo shoot of all time.

Both the groomsmen and the bridesmaids posed for pics with the pups.

Their photographer, Caroline Logan, said that "It was probably some of the easiest smiles I've ever worked with."

Sarah is a board member of Pitties.Love.Peace, a nonprofit pit bull rescue organization in central Pennsylvania. She explained to BuzzFeed news, "Animals are just a huge, huge part of our life and we wanted to find ways to incorporate them."

Sarah added that the stress of her wedding day was calmed with the precious pooches arrived. There were lots of details that apparently weren't coming together. But none of it seemed to matter when you were staring at their sweet faces.

Sarah hopes the pictures remind people that you can find wonderful dogs from adoption shelters as part of the organization's "Adopt, don't shop" mantra.

These puppies clearly added immense joy to an already happy day for this couple. And hopefully that will translate to some loving forever homes for these darling fur babies.