Love Exists: Dog Returns For His Favorite Toy After He Gets Scared

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Lucky the dog lives by a simple but ironclad creed: Leave no chew toy behind.

Not all heroes wear capes

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His mettle was recently put to the test — and we're super stoked to report that the Houston-area pupper crushed it like a boss.


In it, the 3-year-old Yorkie joins one of his humans, Michael, and Michael's girlfriend, Leila, as they root around the backyard of Michael's parents house in search of a table to set a Nintendo Wii on.


When a shadow — later revealed to be a frog — suddenly spooks Michael, everyone beats a panicked retreat back to the safety of the house. (Relatable AF, amirite?)

But then after a short pause, a newly-installed security camera captures the most amazing moment: Lucky looping back in the face of unknown danger to retrieve one of his beloved chew toys, a squeaky Santa Claus!

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Michael mused on the episode with a sense of humor.


"At first we didn't even notice that [Lucky] was with us but once we went back to watch how Leila and I got scared, that's when we noticed my dog. We laughed for about 20 minutes."

Commenters on Twitter quickly fell in love with Lucky.


"What a brave trooper," wrote one man.

"This is the cutest Ive ever seen," memed another.

Some people were even moved to tears by Lucky's bravery.

In the wake of his very good dog's sudden viral fame, Michael jumped back on Twitter to share a cute photoset.

Never change, Lucky, never change.

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