Owners Explain To Everyone Why Their Dog Pretty Much Lives On The Roof

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Dogs are known for being pretty protective of their homes. But one dog, who was featured recently on Reddit, watches over his home in a very literal way — he regularly chills on its roof.


Lots of people have spotted the Golden Retriever hanging out on this roof and scoping out the neighborhood.

Understandably, some of the neighbors worried about the dog's safety. But another Reddit post made it pretty clear the owners are well aware of Huckleberry's love for being up on the roof. They even posted sign for curious or concerned passersby.

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"Hucklyberry is living up to his name and learned how to jump onto our roof from the backyard. We never leave him in the backyard without someone being at home," the owners posted. "We appreciate your concern, but please do not knock on our door; we know that he's up there."


Huckleberry not only has his own hashtag, #hucktheroofdog, but he even has his own Instagram. It features, as you might have guessed, plenty of pictures of him on his roof.

He honestly couldn't look any happier hanging out on his shingled throne.

It seems even Huck's owner chimed in on the Reddit comments, explaining that the dog started his roof adventures naturally. He said that Huckleberry likes to bark at joggers, and that they can hear him running around excitedly on the roof when they're home.


Here's how Huck gets on the roof 😍

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Some dogs, like Huckleberry, clearly just love a good rooftop adventure. As unnerving as it might be to see at first, at least it's reassuring to know that he's totally safe and having a great time.

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