This Lab’s Hilarious Reaction To His Embarrassing Mom Is Everything

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Meet Carson the golden retriever.

Bashful birthday dog to overenthusiastic mom: "STAHP!"

He's a very good doggo that lives with his people in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.

When he's not "eating sliders from Arby's" or fetching newspapers from his family's front yard, Carson loves chest scratchies — and he's not shy about letting you know it (press play to watch video).

Something Carson is bashful about? People fussing over his birthday.

In an update posted to Twitter, one of Carson's humans, Matt, shared hilarious pictures taken by his mom to mark a major milestone: The pupper's 12th year on planet Earth!

"He's literally rolling his eyes", reads the LOL-level caption.

I've been this dog, you've been this dog, ~we've~ all been this dog.

Speaking with BuzzFeed News, Matt revealed that "my parents have a really good sense of humor and I think they just like to send us funny updates."

"He [Carson] has a face with a lot of personality, so every now and then ... he looks ... annoyed by the whole thing," he adds.

But like most "teens," Carson's studied indifference is just a front.



This really good boy is actually a huge cuddle bug with a heart as golden as his coat.

I mean just look at that face.

10/10 animal lovers would boop his snoot.

Such handsome, so playful.

Then again, a review of Matt's Insta shows it wouldn't be the first time Carson tried to bail on a group portrait.

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