This Dog's Weight Loss Journey Reminds Us Anyone Can Get Healthy

Sure, Corgis are known for having a little extra junk in their trunk. It's part of what makes their breed so adorable. But Tyko is a Corgi mix who had an unhealthy amount of fat on his body. In fact, he weighed over 100 lbs, reports The Telegraph. Tyko was so big, the vet that first examined him compared him to a seal.

But after he was taken from the original owner who allowed him to gain so much weight, Tyko began an inspiring weight loss journey. He shed a ton of pounds through a healthy diet and exercise. And he's now a happy shadow of his former self.

credit: Scottish SPCA

Tyko has lost over 80 lbs under the vigilant care of the Scottish SPCA. He lives a totally active lifestyle of walks, playing, and plenty of ball chasing.

swag pup
credit: Scottish SPCA

And unlike his former self who couldn't walk more than a few steps without heavy strain and breathing, he walks with a whole new super healthy swagger.

Tyko is currently seeking a forever home will have to be on meds the rest of his life. But whoever is lucky enough to take home this hardworking pup will know that their new best fur friend is a true fighter.

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