Only Look at These 17 Kitties' Paws if You’re Ready to Fall in Love

True cat lovers know that paws are the cutest part of any cat.

To this end, we sifted through Instagram's #catpaws hashtag and cobbled together a gallery of 25 of the cutest little cat feet — a/k/a peets, hand puffs, and fuzzy fists — we could find.

25 cute cat paws that will give you pause
Accept no impawstors
credit: Imgur

While it was hard work, we wouldn't say it was ... wait for it ... Mission Impawsible. (Sozzy, not sozzy)

1. Look at the size of the mittens on this kitten.

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2. These beautiful striped paws will give you pause.

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3. * Kayne Kitty grabs mic * "Now throw your paws up in the sky ... "

4. What could pawsibly be better than a black kitty with white socks???

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5. 10/10 bengal lovers would cuddle this sleeping angel.

6. These nyan cat toe beans are also pretty pawesome.

7. So regal, very statuesque.

8. That coat tho.

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9. "Meet me in the middle, put your paws in mine."

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10. Life got your stressed? Keep scrolling because we're only halfway through our list, and we have more tiny cat feet to share.

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11. "Pawdon me, but this is my brush."

12. Might not ever strut on the catwalk but definitely has a future as a paw model.

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13. All signs lean to yes.

14. "My favorite comic book character is Wolverine from the X-Men."

15. You know what they say about cats with big feet. 😉

16. These ankle boots are very fashion-furward.

17. BECAUSE PROPS: The purrfect blankie for any paw and paw print enthusiast.

Does your kitty have adorable kitty feet? Tell us about it in the comment section below!