8 Amazing Dogs With The Coolest Jobs We've Ever Seen

But for every slacker counting down the minutes until they punch out for the day, there's a motivated and ambitious doggo doing ace work and climbing up the career ladder.

7 dogs with cooler jobs than you
" I've just seen the most heroic dog. He pulled a toddler from the path of a speeding car, then pushed a criminal in front of it."
credit: Fox Broadcasting Company

Below, we've rounded up eight very good boys and girls that are killing it at their cool AF jobs.

1. Piper the airport dog

Dog works at an airport

This badass dog works at a Michigan airport. Check out more from Cherry Capital Airport K-9 Team here: https://www.instagram.com/airportk9/

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A member of the Cherry Capital Airport K-9 team, Piper the border collie keeps runways free of birds and other small animals that interfere with takeoffs and landings.

While the 9-year-old's official job title is "wildlife canine control", he also rides around in helicopters and rocks some FANTASTIC goggles that will make you green with style envy.

2. Lily the avalanche rescue dog

When she's not herding ducks or riding super chill and zen-like in sleds behind her handler, the 2-year-old lab can be found snacking on her favorite food: hot dogs!

3. Bertram the art gallery mascot

Plucked from an Oklahoma shelter after he was abandoned as a puppy, Bertram now works alongside his human mom at a chic Manhattan art gallery.

His current responsibilities include representing the gallery at art fairs around the world and teasing new collections on social media.

4. Azul the motorcycle dog

Struggling to survive on the rough streets of Bogota, Azul was given a second chance when he was adopted by a police officer and military reservist, Nicolas Alejandro Walteros.

The Colombian man subsequently persuaded his superiors to bring the dog on as an honorary member of the force and today, Azul patrols the very streets he used to roam — and in a dog-sized uniform of his own, no less.

5. Brazilian ball dogs

Ranging in age from 8 months to 10 years, six Brazilian strays — Cindy, Nanda, Pretinha, Mia, Arlete, and Sheep — were used this year to collect tennis balls at the Brasil Open, an annual stop on the men's professional tennis circuit.

Their employment was a short one, though: All were quickly re-homed after the tournament concluded, thanks to their popularity on social media!

6. Bazz the beekeeping dog

Working in tandem with his human Josh Kennett, Bazz the beekeeping dog is trained to sniff out a viral condition called American Foulblood that poisons and destroys beehives.

For protection against stings, the black Labrador wears a special suit — one that was designed and protoyped by Kennett.

7. Albert the dog scientist

The star of a video blog called Dog Scientist that's gone fallow of late, Albert the Labrador uses intelligence, persistence, and curiosity to solve problems related to geometry and mechanics.

In the clip embedded above, he's tasked with drinking soup from a flask that's too narrow for his nose to fit through. His clever solution? Dropping a tennis ball (loaded with sand) into the cylinder, thereby raising the level of the liquid such that it pools on the platform at the top.

8. Lila the lobster diver

Can you dive to a depth of 15 feet and pluck lobsters from the seabed? That's just one of the amazing skills that Lila the lab possesses.

While the lobster may or may not have been planted by Lila's human (the debate on this point in the video's comments section is nothing if not heated and robust), the physical act itself is pretty stunning.

Does your pup have a jobby job? Tell us about it below!