This Is What Happens When A Friend Takes Your Cat To The Groomer

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We've seen so many epically bad pet-groomer mishaps recently that awful/adorable haircuts are almost a new genre of news coverage. There was the dad who didn't speak Mandarin and accidentally got his shepherd mix shaved like a poodle; another dad who gave the dog an "awesome" haircut; and the mom who cut her poodle's hair like Justin Timberlake in the '90s.

The latest victim of adorableness is a fluffy Persian cat named Jin Jin who, quite frankly, now looks like a Chihuahua wearing a cat mask.

Image Credit: Xie Qian Qian

Jin Jin's owner, Xie Quian Quian, told The Dodo that she only takes the cat to the groomer occasionally for a "lion" haircut that helps her kitty stay cooler in the warm months. But after entrusting this particular visit to the groomers to a friend, kitty's new do became a do-saster.

Jin Jin's typical lion haircut.
Image Credit: Xie Qian Qian


When Xie picked up Jin Jin, she was shocked to see that not only had her instructions been misunderstood, but her cat now resembled a sneaky dog trying to disguise itself as a cat.

Image Credit: Xie Qian Qian

Xie and her boyfriend were upset at first, but quickly came to appreciate the look. Good thing this cute furball's hair grew back in a few weeks.

Image Credit: Xie Qian Qian

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