A Mother's Day Miracle Changes The Lives Of 2 Adoptable Cats

Leave it to fate to bring two cats named Ember and Flame together.

Only one week before Mother's Day, tragedy struck when new mother, Ember, lost her entire litter. She was soon after brought to the Atlanta Humane society to start a new life.

Little did the grieving mother know, there was a brand new kitten at the Society in desperate need of her love and attention.

Flame, arguably the cutest newborn kitten we've ever seen, had recently lost his mother and was all alone in the world... but not for long.

Humane Society staff members quickly put the two felines together to see how they would interact and sure enough, the results were nothing but magical.

The bond between the two cuddly cats was described as "immediate." This particular Flame was just what Ember needed to reignite her mothering instincts. She kept a watchful eye over him and encouraged Flame to eat in between their constant nuzzle sessions.

The two even spent Mother's Day together, paw in paw.

Consider our hearts melted as we wish Ember and Flame all the best on their journey to healing, happiness and new homes.