Loyal Dog Stays By Injured Owner's Side

Jesús Hueche was trimming a tree in Argentina when he accidentally took a tumble. He fell over six feet and landed unconscious on his back. When the paramedics arrived, they noticed that there was already a healing presence on the scene — Hueche's loving dog, Tony.

Tony, obviously worried about his owner after his fall, stayed glued to his chest as the medical professionals helped Hueche put on a neck brace.

No matter what they did, Tony refused to stop giving his owner hugs and letting him know he was loved. Tony knew to stay out of the way of the people who were helping his human friend, though he was apparently pretty protective of him.

Eventually, when Hueche was able to, he gave his furry friend some reassuring love pats to let him know he was alright. But even then, Tony held on tight.

When the paramedics prepared to take Hueche to the hospital for treatment, Tony insisted on coming with them. He was, after all, the first responder on the scene.

Hueche found Tony on the streets one fateful day years back and decided to adopt him. He's taken care of the pup since then. And, after this accident, it's clear that Tony is also more then willing to reciprocate the love his owner has shown him over the years.

He says his canine companion follows him everywhere. He considers him a part of the family, and says he's like a son to him. Hueche even jokes that Tony has a son himself, Thumb, whom he considers his grandson.

Hueche's fall luckily didn't do too much damage. He's recovering now with minor injuries. And we'd be our favorite bone that Tony is there helping him feel better every step of the way.