Brilliant Hack Allows Budget-Savvy Pet Lovers To Travel For Free

If you're the multi-tasking type, you may want to put in your vacation notice as you read about this opportunity that allows you to travel the world and hang out with pets.

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You read that correctly. This is a real thing. It's a company called TrustedHousesitters and according to their website, they globally pair people who are looking for someone to watch their pet with loving, responsible pet sitters. The best part? It's all free.

Check out their video on how the company works:

Okay, full disclosure: It's not completely free. There is a nominal membership fee. But after you pay that, it's a barter system. Pet sitters travel to care for homes and pets for free in exchange for a free retreat.

credit: Trusted

So wait, it's strangers from all over the world in other strangers homes? How is that safe? Great question. The company has a thorough vetting process for both the sitter and the home owner. Trust and safety is their top priority. The have a 3-step verification process, which includes "global identity with I.D. document cross-checks and criminal background checks."

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Plus there's a rating system. Users can view profiles and 5 star reviews of registered sitters with ID verifications. They also have video profiles to help pet owners select the right sitter for them.

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This is a great option for the pets as well. Vets agree that animals are happier at home when owners are away, adapting much better to a new carer than a new environment. This truly is a the best solution for everyone. Pet owners feel safe knowing they have a loving doting pet sitter. Pet sitters get to travel the world with out the burden of a housing cost. And the pets get to be loved. Oh, the opportunity to meet like minded people from all over the world. What's not to love?

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This honestly takes care of the two beefs we had with hotels: wanting money for us to stay there, and no pets. Next time we start to plan a vacation, we'll definitely check out TrustedHousesitters first!