Spoiled Teen Polishing Sports Car With Puppy Causes Outrage On Instagram

Outrage is unfolding across Instagram as people react to a shocking video of a wealthy teen polishing a million-dollar sports car with a puppy. The post was shared on an account known as Rich Kids London, and it's causing an uproar among pet lovers all over the world.

The video shows someone using a small puppy as a polish rag with the caption, "The only way to wash the iconic 6.0 litter Maserati MC12 is with 100% natural puppy fur ensuring a proper polish."

The frightened puppy is positioned on its back as it is slowly moved across the hood of the luxury sports car.

The video reassures viewers that "no puppy was harmed in this video."

The Rich Kids London account describes itself as “life of the untouchable rich kids from London."

What do you think? Is this just harmless fun or abuse? Share your thoughts in the comments section.