The Cutest Bear Cub Ever Helps Grandma Plant Potatoes In The Garden

We've seen animals mimic their human friends before.

Take, for instance, this golden retriever doing sit-ups at an oceanside workout sesh.

Or this hornbill bird getting an early "jump" on his summer beach bod thanks to a yoga class.

But rarely have we seen such a helpful copycat as this adorable bear cub burrowing in a backyard garden, while a Russian woman plants potatoes in an adjoining plot.

For our money, the cutest moments come at the :04, :16, and :26 second marks when this very good boy with a green thumb looks her way for feedback and positive affirmation.

While we don't speak Russian, a commenter at Reddit translates the woman's remarks accordingly:

"Are you a garden helper, Syomochka? Who's helping me? Syo-oma! My he-еlper! Digger! Say yes, Syoma! Be more careful."

Uploaded to YouTube earlier in the week, the hilarious video has totaled more than 175,000+ views and since spilled over to the viral web.

Watch it in its entirety below:

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