The Cutest Bear Cub Ever Helps Grandma Plant Potatoes In The Garden

By Travis Greenwood

We've seen animals mimic their human friends before.

Take, for instance, this golden retriever doing sit-ups at an oceanside workout sesh.

Or this hornbill bird getting an early "jump" on his summer beach bod thanks to a yoga class.

But rarely have we seen such a helpful copycat as this adorable bear cub burrowing in a backyard garden, while a Russian woman plants potatoes in an adjoining plot.

For our money, the cutest moments come at the :04, :16, and :26 second marks when this very good boy with a green thumb looks her way for feedback and positive affirmation.

While we don't speak Russian, a commenter at Reddit translates the woman's remarks accordingly:

"Are you a garden helper, Syomochka? Who's helping me? Syo-oma! My he-еlper! Digger! Say yes, Syoma! Be more careful."

Uploaded to YouTube earlier in the week, the hilarious video has totaled more than 175,000+ views and since spilled over to the viral web.

Watch it in its entirety below:

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