26 Animal Reactions That Sum Up Your Period

Ah, your period. It's that once-a-month gift for women that keeps on giving. It makes you tired, hungry, and moody. But, hey, at least it's a good sign that your body is healthy. And that should make it all okay, right?

Well, despite the healthiness, it can be a real headache to deal with all the baggage that goes along with bleeding non-stop for several days. So here are some adorable animals to remind you that you're not alone when it comes to your period problems.

1. You think you're being so subtle hiding your tampon in your sleeve.

2. When you realize you've been bleeding through your pants and don't know for how long.

3. You're nervous when your period is late but remember once it comes how annoying it is.

4. Somebody asks why you're so moody and you're just like, "This is who I am now."

5. Who knew bleeding for days at a time could deplete all your energy?

6. When you give some 'tude to your girlfriends and they know what's up so they send in reinforcements.

7. You ask for your space, but your friend doesn't get the hint.

8. Your significant other does their best to try and make it better, but they only seem to make things worse.

9. When you clearly said you were craving sweets and somebody tries to give you something salty.

10. You insist that you're not moody, but everybody continues to bother you.

11. You've been starving since breakfast, and it's finally a reasonable hour to eat again without judgment.

12. You know you're bloated but hope nobody else notices.

13. Morning jog? More like morning slog.

14. The rest of the world does not understand that hormones make you hungry.

15. Thanks to your cravings, the pizza becomes like "the precious."

16.Bae wants to get frisky, but he doesn't get that it's literally all you can do to stay awake right now.

17. You ask someone for a tampon, but all they have are pads.

18. You're picking fights for literally no reason.

19. You get caught raiding the cookie stash because your hormones make you unaware of what you're doing half the time.

20. Somebody tries to judge you for using pads and tampons instead of a DivaCup.

21. You only have one thing on your mind.

22. When your flow gets so heavy you don't want to move, but also you're hungry.

23. You forget about your period for a second, and think there's been a murder in your bed.

24. When you wear your dark underwear to cover up stains even though you can see them through your pants, then somebody stares too long.

25. The second you get home, your pants get swapped for sweats.

26. Basically, you want to just curl up in a ball for the next 5-7 days and wait for it all to be over.