This Dog Wearing A Cheap Suit & Selling Used Cars Can Have All Our Money

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What happens when you take an already adorable Brussels griffon and put a miniature vintage 3-piece suit on her? Pure magic, that's what. At least that's what Reddit user ladygriff realized when she found a bargain outfit for her pup, Gilda, at a thrift store and shared the resulting pictures online.


A few people commented on Gilda’s similarities to Steve Buscemi. Others hinted she should star in a reboot of Reservoir Dogs.

And if you throw a pair of glasses on her, Gilda looks exactly like the oh-so-serious Dwight Schrute.

But most people agreed Gilda looked like a used car salesman.

Her owner transformed Gilda into Brus Griffin, owner of Brus Griffin's Motor World, and the commercial has all of us at Cuteness screaming, "take my money!"

Even though she's joking, Gilda (aka Brud Griffin) is admittedly a pretty great salesman. Her big eyes are hard to look away from. And the fact that she's selling cars at discount prices merely because she can't read is totally believable.


Many of the video's comments mention how other dogs were particularly interested in this video, even though they can't actually buy a car. Of course, Gilda can't technically sell it, so that doesn't really matter.

But Gilda isn't only limited to the shady practices of a used car lot. She's also expanded her business into personal injury lawsuits for dogs who have been "injured while fetching."

Honestly, this little pup in a business suit somehow strangely channels all sorts of life experiences. Like when you look spiffy but still can’t manage to keep your eyes open out of pure boredom.

Or when you get all dressed up because your parents insist on taking a picture with a stranger, but you are not feeling it.

But, let's be real. If we showed up at a used car lot and Gilda was our salesman, she and her charming suit would definitely have the upper paw.

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