Episode 3: Why Do Cats & Dogs Bite?

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Dogs and cats nibble, gnaw, chop, and chew — but have you ever been curious the about the differences between these types of bites, and what they mean to your pet? Well, wonder no more!

We get to the bottom of why pets bite in this episode of the Cuteness Pawdcast, as well as our favorite animal-themed bars and restaurants to get a bite (clever, right?).


Video of the Day

Your hostesses with the mostesses, Renee and Allegra, also share their passion for their favorite YouTube phenomenon: Bears who are caught taking dips in swimming pools.

Image Credit: Cuteness

Mix in that with a few trending pet stories like a corgi who grew his own pumpkins in a hilarious way, West Hollywood's famous therapy pig, and a dog who delivers toilet paper to his owner who, herself, is stuck on the toilet.



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