15 Big Cats Who Love Boxes More Than House Cats

The bedrock on which the cute economy is built on is pretty much house cats in boxes. It's a phenomenon that needs no introduction at this here website.

But what about their wild, big cat counterparts? How do they feel about containers of the square and rectangular variety?

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1. It seems they are indeed fans!

2. This leopard adheres to the first rule of cattitude: If I fits, I sits.

3. Cardboard is clearly the currency of this lion's realm.

4. The only thing better than a box? A box in the sun.

5. Like liquids, cats take the shape of whatever container they're in.

6. Luke: "What's in there?" Yoda: "Only what you take with you."

7. "I have a crazy idea about how you can make my life comfier."

8. Similar to house cats, big cats turn in place before settling in.

9. "Looks good from here, what do you see?"

10. "Think about how much nip we could pack into this thing!"

11. "Would it kill the humans to include a fleece liner?"

12. We'll allow this.

13. Length of any catnap = the size of the box.

14. Big cats will shield their boxes from other apex predators.

15. Time-share agreement!


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1. It seems they are indeed fans!