15 Big Cats Who Love Boxes More Than House Cats

The bedrock on which the cute economy is built on is pretty much house cats in boxes. It's a phenomenon that needs no introduction at this here website.

But what about their wild, big cat counterparts? How do they feel about containers of the square and rectangular variety?

While we aren't card-carrying animal behaviorists, the early evidence — which takes the form of the hilarious pictures, GIFs, and video embedded below — points to 'hell' and 'yeah'.

1. It seems they are indeed fans if contented expressions like this one are to be believed.

2. This leopard adheres to the first rule of cattitude: If I fits, I sits.

3. Cardboard is clearly the currency of this lion's realm.

4. The only thing better than a box? A box in the sun.

5. Like liquids, cats take the shape of whatever container they're in.

6. Luke (motions to cave): "What's in there?"Yoda: "Only what you take with you."

7. "I have a crazy idea about how you can make my life comfier, just hear me out."

Big cats love boxes too
"I like this thing, it's my thing now"
credit: Big Cat Rescue

8. Similar to their house cat brethren, big cats will turn in place exactly 232 times before settling in.

9. "Looks good from here, what do you see?"

10. "Think about how much nip we could pack into this thing!"

"Would it kill the humans to include a fleece liner?"

11. This writer calls audible at the line of scrimmage to include box-like and box-shaped things.

Big cats love boxes too
credit: clumsome

12. The length of any catnap is directly proportional to the size of the box.

13. Because the competition is fierce for resources in the wild, big cats will instinctually try to shield their boxes from other apex predators.

14. Though these snow leopards have hit upon a novel solution for commodity conservation: a time-share agreement!


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Watch below as tigers, lions, and leopards at Big Cat Rescue, a wildlife sanctuary in Florida, are gifted with large cardboard boxes. Uploaded to YouTube in 2013 (because evergreen content is evergreen), the video has totaled nearly 10,000,000 views to date!

Is your cat a fiend for the box? Tell us about it in the comment section below!