26 Dogs Peeking At You Through Fences

Is that a treat in your pocket, or are these dogs just happy to see you? Does that make any sense? Probably not. Sorry. Look, dogs!

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1. Just popping in to say hi.

2. "Wanna buy a cat? I've got a great deal for you."

3. Dirty secret, or unexpected tongue in the ear?

4. "Hey guys!"

5. Snoot primed for booping.

6. True love cannot be discouraged by mere planks of wood.

7. Uh-oh. Someone said the magic word.

8. "Who goes there?"

9. Such a handsome fella!

10. Being a guard dog is exhausting.

11. One more dog and a big trench coat, and they can ride roller coasters.

12. "Darn kids, always making a ruckus. Hmph."

13. "'Scuse me, mister. Has you seen my ball?"

14. Danger! Danger!


16. An irresistible opportunity.

17. "I saw a squirrel come through here earlier. Just so you know."

18. "I think I goth a thplinter."

19. How could you say no?

20. "If yer sellin' magazines, we don't want 'em"

21. Be a good neighbor. Play with these dogs.

22. "Heeeere's Doggy!"

23. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?

24. "Well, fence-y seeing you here!"

25. SO... CLOSE...

26. Don't worry — neighborhood watch is looking out for you.

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1. Just popping in to say hi.