The John Cena Of Dogs Finds Happiness After Wrestling With Cruelty

Late one December night in 2016, two dogs were left in the Denver Animal Shelter's night drop kennels by an unknown man. When shelter volunteers found the pups the following morning, it was discovered that the two pit bull mixes were in dire conditions and suspected victims of animal cruelty.

The surrendered dogs were named Chicken Little and 1-year-old Wifi (seen below).

Both Chicken Little and Wifi had mange, bacterial skin infections, and were severely underweight.

Without hesitation, Denver Animal Shelter placed the pups in a foster program where they were given thorough doses of TLC and nursed back to health.

Where would we be without the angels of animal foster care? Let's not even think about it. Back to the story!

Chicken Little and Wifi fought tirelessly, beat the odds and returned to full health in no time. Chicken Little even found a permanent home with her foster parents. Wahoo!

Wifi, on the other hand, was transferred to Foothills Animal Shelter where nothing but good things awaited him. Last week, Wifi was adopted into a loving home where new owner Cole W. changed the doggos name to Cena, after John Cena, because "he's so big and beefy." Cole also sang his new dog's praises stating, "He has been the easiest dog I've ever had. He has adjusted quickly and loves everyone! We got very lucky finding him."

Cena, you are one amazing fighter with strength, resilience and grace. And for this, good boy, we salute you.

John Cena Salute