'The Bachelorette' Brought Her Dog Copper on a Doggie Date Too Good To Be True

Monday night's Bachelorette got a little hairy when star Rachel Lindsey decided to introduce her date to the most important male in her life. Rachel chose Peter to go on a one-on-one date, and they flew to Palm Springs on a private jet to attend the party of our dreams.

Rachel Lindsay Billboard Music Awards
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However, before they could take off, Rachel revealed that their one-on-one was actually a two-on-one. Because Rachel brought along a very special guest. And we think he deserves ALL the roses.

Rachel brought her dog Copper on the date, and we're already in love.

This adorable ball of fluff made an immediate impression. He charmed everyone. Us most of all. We've seen pretty much everything on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but Copper made us realize that we don't see nearly enough dogs. Do we sense a new co-host for the show?

Copper greeted Rachel's date in the sweetest way, but we could tell he was sizing Peter up.

Obviously, Rachel loves her dog, and that makes us even more excited that she's The Bachelorette. And like any dog owner, she knows that any potential match has to love Copper, too. BTW, Peter did an amazing job. He and Copper bonded immediately.

Peter and Copper on "The Bachelorette."
credit: ABC

And because so many viewers were worried, Rachel cleared up the mystery behind Copper's cast.

Accidents happen, but it's nice to see that this pup is taken care of. And besides, Copper totally rocks that cast.

As if this doggie date could get any better, Rachel took Peter and Copper to BarkFest, basically the ultimate dog party.

We agree! Watching a man dance with a dog — how can you not fall in love? We would love to take our four-legged friends to BarkFest, although according to Bustle, that version of it was likely invented for the show. But we can dream. And maybe they'll host a real one in the future, because BarkFest looks like the greatest party ever.

BarkFest on The Bachelorette.
credit: ABC

We hope this isn't the last we see of Copper, because he's definitely our favorite guy on the show so far. In our dreams, Copper would present the final rose at the end of the show. We bet he looks great in a tux!