15 Times Cats Were Too Pure For This World

kitten on green grass
credit: Chepko/iStock/GettyImages

Cats have many good qualities, they're loving, smart, and empathetic. Here's a sampling of the many times cats have been too pure for this world.

1. Cats can be patient with kittens.

This kitty is chill with an endless game of Soft Paws.

Even when the kitten is, ahem, a little more energetic than most...

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2. When this kitty asked to get tucked in with his teddy bear.

Or when this clever cat learned how to tuck himself in!

3. This kitten is totally zonked out after battling a mighty octopus.

Kitten asleep with toy
credit: BrisCrinson

The octopus seems a bit traumatized, right?

4. The time the cat offered to babysit.

Like, literally sit on the baby.

5. When cats make biscuits (aka kneading), they're showing how cozy and content they are.

(I'm hypnotized and can't stop watching this.)

6. When kittens learn tough lessons about gravity...

7. And when kittens are brave...

8. Tender moments between cats can melt your heart.

Cats holding hands
credit: jellybeanbean

9. When your cat approves of your boyfriend...

You know he's a keeper!

10. When this momma kitty adopted hedgehogs.

"Who are these spiky little babies? Oh well, they're mine meow!"

And this mom cat, adopting ducklings...

Momma cat resting with adopted ducklings
credit: GeeUknit

"These babies quack me up!"

11. When this cat ordered a cup of coffee and paw-ndered life.

12. When this baby kitten discovered her own tail and the wonders of being a cat!

13. This stray cat was adopted by a loving family and became a seeing-eye cat to this little blind pup.

Blind dog and his seeing-eye-cat
credit: looseleafchai

The cat probably steals his food. It's still pretty sweet though.

13. The first time a cats sit on your lap after being adopted is magical.

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"I like and trust you hooman. Now pet me, bring me food, and clean out my litter box."

14. When this kitty learned sign language to communicate that he wanted people food.

Isn't he polite!?

15. Cats have good social skills and can make unlikely and adorable friends.