This Beagle Was Lost For Days Until He Mysteriously Appeared In An Odd Place

While on a late night walk with her owner, Ry Goddard, Cleo the beagle got distracted by an exciting smell. Of course, all dogs have a great sense of smell. But hound dogs, like beagles, have some of the best noses in the canine community.

But after she ran away, the family searched for her for two days with no luck. Then, one fortunate morning, one of Goddard's coworkers spotted a familiar furry friend hanging out outside of his work.

Amazingly, Cleo had returned!

Likely using the same keen sense of smell that got her in the first place, she found her way back to Goddard. He works at an ABC radio affiliate in Australia. And Cleo seemed to sniff his presence somewhere in the building while trying to reunite with him.

Their reunion was a happy one for both of them.

And, though dogs aren't usually allowed at the work place, they made an exception for Goddard and the brave Cleo.

And Cleo seemed to fit right into work culture — especially break time.

This happy ending could teach us all a valuable lesson about helping your dog find you again. Even if your dog isn't a hound dog, they'll still use their excellent sense of smell to try and find you again. So it could be helpful to leave clothes or items outside places you frequent so they might be able to find you (if you don't find them first).

It's so nice to see that this lost pup found her way back to her family. And Goddard said he's investing in a harness so Cleo won't be able to easily wiggle her way out to another adventure anytime soon.