This Dog Knows More Words Than Any Other Animal Except Humans

Chaser the brilliant border collie isn't your average dog. She's basically a canine genius. After years of intensive training, Chaser knows over a thousand words. And she can perform all sorts of complicated requests and puzzles.

Plus, she does it all the with most adorable smiling face and positive attitude.

Chaser's owner, John W. Pilley, has worked with her since she was a puppy.

The number of toy names she already knows and can distinguish is astounding.

The two constantly train to add to her vocabulary.

What she already knows is impressive, but it's even more impressive to see how she uses logic to figure out a new word.

Pilley will put one unfamiliar object amongst a bunch of objects she knows.

He'll then ask for the unfamiliar word, and Chaser will have to logically deduce that the new object must be what he wants.

She nails it every time because she's as smart as she is adorable.

From that one logic puzzle, Chaser will pretty much learn the new word immediately. A couple more times repeating it, and it's added to her already massive vocabulary.

She's gotten plenty of respect from well-known human smarty pants, like Neil deGrasse Tyson...

...and Anderson Cooper.

Chaser's impressive vocabulary is more than any other animal except, of course, human beings. But some people who learn about the intelligence of this dog even joke that she may be smarter than the average person.

She doesn't just understand words and action items. She also understands concepts like "imitation."

Like all good academics, Chaser has a book. And, though she didn't write it, she probably understands a huge percentage of the words contained in it.

So next time you need a little intellectual motivation, remember how far beyond expectations Chaser is compared to other dogs. And know that you, too, could become just as extraordinary (though likely not as cute).