Stop Scrolling Through Facebook & Meet The World's Coolest Dog

Meet Apollo, the world's ~coolest~ dog.

The 3-year-old terrier mix lives with his people in New York City.

The first thing you need to know is that he's really really really ridiculously good looking.

And photogenic AF.

The second thing to know is that Apollo rocks a fierce aesthetic.

Start with his signature accouterment, the shades. Be them aviators or wayfarers, he's ALWAYS sporting a pair.

Even. At. Night. #futuresobright

Other rakish accessories you'll catch him modeling include bow ties...

... glow collars ...

... and fresh kicks.

But Apollo is more than just a pretty face. Folks practically SWOON over his magnetic personality.

And he creates a buzz pretty much every time he's in public (press play to LOL).

"Being silly with mama and racing around the fountain! We drew a crowd cheering us on. I won!"

Artists volunteer to sketch his portrait.

Journos want his takes.

Even vets are stoked to see him.

While Apollo resides in Astoria, a part of Queens, his appeal cuts city-wide. From this sighting in Brooklyn by the cool hunters at The Dogist ...

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... to this romp in Central Park ...

... to this baseball game at Citi Field, he's a smooth, urban doggo on the go, living his very best life.

Equally at home crushing a puppuccino ...

... as he is floating in a kayak ...

... or posing for some ace Star Wars cosplay, Apollo is a modern day renaissance pupper.

And even as a puppy, Apollo exuded an effortless cool — something not all cool dogs (or cool humans) can say.

Here he is all dolled up for his birthday. Just look at that face!

For more of Apollo's adventures, follow his Insta!