Dog Uses A Unique Skill To Raise Money For Shelter Animals

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A very good boy with a knack for fetching lost golf balls is using those same talents to raise money for shelter animals in need.


Most golfers hate playing from the ruff, but Davos is no ordinary golfer

The touching story comes to us from Albertville, Minnesota, where retiree Al Cooper is a regular at the Cedar Creek Golf Course.

Accompanying Cooper on the links most days is his 6-year-old canine caddy, Davos.


When Al — who freely admits he's "lousy" at the game — strokes a drive into the weeds or somewhere out of sight, the Bernese mountain dog will faithfully run it down.

And in the course of finding Cooper's balls, Davos often discovers errant shots left behind by other members at the club.

Davos' retrieving skills have proven so prolific that Cooper started peddling the balls back to his fellow golfers for 25 cents.


While the proceeds were used initially to buy dog biscuits and defray the cost of vet bills, Cooper has since decided to redirect the money to the Golden Valley Animal Human Society — and the reason why might surprise you.

In an interview with KARE 11, he explains that an ASPCA commercial featuring distressed animals triggered a whimpered reaction from his loyal companion. "He'd just cry his little heart out when he'd see those commercials."


While there's no exact tally of balls Davos has found to date, the duo have sold more than 400 balls in 2017 alone.

Last month, they turned over a crisp $100 bill to Deanna Kramer, the shelter's senior philanthropy advisor, a moving moment captured on video.

"That was probably the cutest donation presentation I've ever had the pleasure of being part of," she told the news team that was there to record it.


Watch the full clip below by pressing play:

According to The Dodo, media reports about Davos' charitable efforts have led to a spike in sales.

In an update posted to Facebook, Cooper shared the good news: "New Record!!! Collected $30 in golf ball sales today! Must be because of the news article. Maybe another donation coming soon."

Doing ace work that helps others who are less fortunate is just par for the course for this very good boy!

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