This Little Dog Is Safe After Getting Stuck Between A Bark & A Hard Place

We've all be stuck in difficult situations. Sometimes, you find yourself in between a rock and hard place. Or, in the case of Rocco the dachshund, you're stuck between a bark and a hard place.

In other words, sweet little Rocco of Kentucky got stuck inside a tree. Of course, it's no secret that some dogs like to live life on the edge. Usually, though, that translates to having the higher ground. In poor Rocco's case, he was stuck in a very low place.

According to a Kentucky State Police Facebook post on Friday, a trooper and sergeant were mowing a local cemetery when they heard the poor pup's cries. They quickly found Rocco stuck — literally — inside a tree trunk. And, no, the tree hadn't grown around him all those years. He had found a groundhog hole that led inside the tree, but he was unable to get back out.

Working quickly to help out the sweet furry fella, the troopers tried several attempts to free him. Eventually, they had to physically open up the tree hole he was stuck in so he was finally able to wiggle out.

The newly freed Rocco was returned to his family.

And the troopers made sure the hole was big enough that any little adventurers like Rocco would be able to get out easily and safely in the future.

We're all just glad that after all that Rocco is oak-ay and hopes he leafs future groundhog holes alone.