17 Pets Who Just Can't Adult Today

We've all been there. Some days adulting is simply not an option. Here are 17 pets who know exactly how you feel.

1.  It begins with that dreaded time of day called "morning."

Cat in Bed
credit: Internet Cats

2. The face you make when it's time to adult.

Annoyed Dog
credit: Internet Dogs

3. Responsibilities can't climb trees. Phew!

Cat in Tree
credit: Internet Cats

4. "I've got better things to do than adulting."

Gaming Cat
credit: Internet Cats

5. #ICan'tEven

6. The only way to get through an adult day.

Starbucks Cat
credit: Internet Cats

7. Running from my to-do list like...

Dog Running
credit: giphy.com

8. "I dare you to try and make me move."

9. Cub: You're going to have to drag me into adulthood.     Mom:

Cub in Mouth
credit: Internet Cats

10. When everyone around you is productive and you're just like...

Undisturbed Dog
credit: giphy.com

11. "Mom says I don't have to today."

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12. Smart little ones know to hide from adulthood.

Kitty and Kid
credit: Internet Cats

13. "Uuuuuuugh, I just don't want to."

Tugging on Ear
credit: Internet Dogs

14. Trying to get off the couch but only getting this far.

Almost Off the Couch
credit: Internet Dogs

15. Trying to take a walk but only getting this far.

Dog and Cat on Front Step
credit: Internet Dogs

16. "I'm your baby tonight." #NoAdulting

Baby Doggie
credit: SB Em

17. Executive Decision: Not.Gonna.Move.Today.

Sleeping Pets
credit: Internet Dogs

Take a load off, there's always time for adulting tomorrow.

Dog at Work
credit: giphy.com