Watch These Amazing Cats Race Through Homemade Obstacle Course

Most cats can't be prompted to do anything on command, but then Boomer (the bengal, left) and Didga (the tabby, right) aren't most cats.

The duo — no strangers to the viral web — have attracted huge audiences on Facebook and YouTube for their good looks and equally amazing tricks and talents.

In previous videos, they've been recorded skateboarding along Coolangatta's stunning oceanfront, befriending puppers at a dog show, giving high fives, or doing actual trust falls (MIND = BLOWN).

You know, basic cat stuff.

But their newest clip, in which they race head-to-head through a homemade obstacle course designed by their human, acclaimed animal trainer Robert Dollwet, might be the best yet.

From the living room to the bedroom, here's an overview of the route they'll tackle.

Because Boomer is basically a miniature house cheetah, Didga's been given the benefit of a tiny head start.

And away they go! (Just getting cats to sit still is a challenge so getting them to bolt on cue must have taken some Jedi cat-training magic. I mean they only time I've seen my cat dash for anything is when I crack a can of tuna in the kitchen.)

Around the first corner, they encounter the first of three cat-sized hurdles.

After clearing the final obstacle, they bolt for the finish line, the headboard on a bed.

While Boomer almost closes the gap, Didga ekes out a close victory and takes the checkered flag.

Because everything looks better in slo-mo, here's another GIF of them coming down the stretch.

Boomer, it seems, is already calling for a rematch!

The full vid is embedded below. Press play to watch!