Athena, The Deaf Cat Who Helped Her Owner Overcome Her Anxiety

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Paisley Wallace wasn't looking for a cat, but she found one anyway.


Paisley was browsing in a PetSmart with her husband when she spotted Athena. Athena, a white cat with heterochromia (meaning two differently-colored eyes) is hard to miss. Paisley was drawn to her immediately. She describes Athena as "perfect in every way possible."

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Image Credit: Paisley Wallace

Athena was up for adoption through a rescue group called South Bay Cat Adoptions, and Paisley and her husband were able to adopt her within three days.

Since Paisley suffers from anxiety, she was able to register Athena as her support animal, and Athena has helped her immensely. Because Athena is deaf, she isn't bothered by loud city noises like Paisley is, and her calm demeanor helps Paisley stay calm too.

Paisley's husband is now away on deployment, and Athena has helped Paisley through that too. Athena never leaves Paisley's side — even when she's in the shower. That's right, Athena just gets right in with her.

Paisley says Athena has an unbelievably nice temperament. She has never scratched, bitten, or even hissed. Because Athena is deaf, she's very vocal, another quality Paisley and her husband love about her. When Athena falls asleep, she snores and sleeps with her mouth open, making her even more lovable.

Paisley says Athena has brought her an immeasurable amount of joy. Not only has she helped her cope with her anxiety, she's introduced Paisley to a whole new cat-based life: Paisley now works for South Bay Cat Adoptions.


Athena never leaves Paisley's side, and the two are inarguably best friends. "I may have adopted her," says Paisley, "but she truly saved me."

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