The Cuteness Pawdcast - All Episodes

By Cuteness Team

Welcome to the Cuteness Pawdcast — the podcast for pet people! In each episode, hosts Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo discuss everything from health and behavior tips to wacky things animals have done on the internet. Take a listen!

Episode 1: Why Do Cats Meow?

In the first episode, we get to the bottom of a burning question: Why do cats meow? Other hilarious topics included: yoga you can do with goats (it's a real thing), and books written to be read to dogs (also a real thing).

Episode 2: Which State Has The Healthiest Pets?

Our hosts examine which areas of the U.S. boast the healthiest pets, whether or not some dogs are born aggressive, and also talk about some super easy DIYs for your pup!

Episode 3: Why Do Cats And Dogs Bite?

First the serious stuff: Why DOES your pet bite? Then the fun stuff: hilarious trending pet stories including a Hollywood therapy pig.

Episode 4: Are Pet Weddings The Cutest Thing Ever?

Renee and Allegra debate the best animal-themed '90s movies, offer tips on vacation destinations fit for Fido, and discuss whether or not pet weddings are cool.

Episode 5: How To Get Your Pets Ready For Summer

Summertime means hot temperatures for pets who may get sunburns (ouch!), and Renee and Allegra help you pick the best sunblock for your dog, cat, or pig (yes, really!). Plus, a roundup of doggie beach toys and the answer to a truly chilling question: Is ice bad for dogs?

Episode 6: Are Kittens Easier Than Puppies?

Baby pets are a handful. They wake up humans in the middle of the night, can be crazy and wild, and then there's the puke — lots and lots of puke. We love them anyway, but which baby pets need more attention: kittens or puppies?

Episode 7: How To Cope With Pet Allergies

Allergies are in full bloom, and they can cause watery, red eyes and congestion for both humans and pets alike. Whether you're a pet lover allergic to a cat, or a poor pooch suffering seasonal allergies — we've got tips to get everyone through the summertime sniffles.

Episode 8: How To Calm Pet Anxiety

Pets comfort humans. It's one of the many reasons we connect so closely with them, but sometimes our four-legged friends need comfort from us — especially around Fourth of July fireworks when, according to the ASPCA, more pets go missing because of panic caused by bright lights and thunderous noises.

Episode 9: Why Is Summer So Hard For Pets?

We tell you how to keep summer dreamy for your furry friends by keeping them safe during road trips, triple-digit heat, and the perils of bug bite season.

Episode 10: What Makes A Good Pet?

We talk about the best qualities of pets, whether or not cockroaches make good companions, and how to find the perfect puppy.

Episode 11: Are Cats Just Cute, Little Murderers?

Steven Ray Morris of the Purrrcast and My Favorite Murder podcasts joins us to talk about why cats are such psychopaths, and why we love them so much.

Episode 12: The Peculiar Daytime Rituals Of Cats & Dogs

We delve into the seemingly-odd morning rituals of cats, the daytime antics of dogs, and the strangest places pets like to sleep at night.

Episode 13: The Essential Guide To Family Dogs

In this episode devoted to the family dog, we tell you how to adopt her at your local shelter, games to play in the backyard, binge-worthy shows starring our favorite famous pups, and how to train that pooch for your next family-fun run.

Episode 14: Why Do Dogs Howl To Music?

Do dogs howl to music because they love the song or enjoy performing for their humans? Either way — CUTE! In this episode, we explore why they howl, the type of music dogs prefer, and we explore a concert composed and performed just for good boys and girls.

Episode 15: Do Pets Understand Time?

Dogs and cats just have a way of knowing when their owners are about to walk through the door, but how could they possibly know when we're coming home? In this episode, Renee and Allegra explore the mysterious world of animal intelligence, walk you through leash training, and give you tips on acclimating your pooch to a new dog park.

New episodes of the Cuteness Pawdcast will be released every Friday and are available on iTunes and Google Play.