Please Watch This Cat Celebrate Her 15th Birthday With An Epic Quinceañera

Equal parts birthday bash and teenage rite of passage, the quinceañera is a Latin American tradition that, per the New York Times, "symbolizes a girl's entrance into womanhood when turning 15".

But the Olavarria clan didn't think the pomp and circumstance should be accorded strictly to humans — so when their beloved gato, Luna, reached the milestone in question earlier this month, they decided to throw a kitty quinceañera to honor her longevity and the time they've shared together.

Adopted after she was found walking on the side of the road at the tender age of just three weeks, Luna quickly became a valued member of the family, returning the love and attention lavished upon her in spades.

One of the family members, Angel Olavarri, had this to say about their affectionate cuddle bug in an interview with the kitteh connoisseurs at Love Meow:

"She is an absolute sweetheart, purrs so loud so easily as soon as you touch her. She loves curling up with people, sun bathing, and loves laying on her back on the floor. Longest we have ever had a pet and she hasn't slowed down a bit."

Spearheading the party planning was the family's matriarch.

According to The Dodo, Angel's mother hit on the idea last year at the time of Luna's 14th birthday but it wasn't until they were one week from the 15th that the party planning went into overdrive.

Arrangements for the big day included: A guest list with 12 invites for close friends and family; special decor, including personalized balloons, streamers, flowers, and tableware; and a menu composed of Luna's favorite treats.

There was even a traditional tres leches cake, a staple at most quinceañeras.

Also in keeping with the broad contours of most quinceañeras: Luna's special outfit, which consisted of a pink dress purrr-chased (soz, not soz) from Amazon and a tiara.

The party, family members report, lasted for roughly 3 hours — and everyone, including the guest of honor, had a blast:

"She was such a good sport through the whole thing that we think she actually knew we were celebrating her ... She loved it, even more, when we opened up a nice can of tuna for her."

Here's to the next 15, Luna!

Luna's Quinceanera

Posted by Quinceañera Cat on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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