Cat Shows Up To CrossFit To Ask, 'Bro, Do You Even Meow?'

If you go to the gym regularly, you can earn a reputation for being a "gym rat." So it was really only a matter of time before an actual cat finally caught wind of a room filled with so-called rats and decided to show up.

Cat Shows Up To Crossfit To Ask, 'Bro, Do You Even Meow'
credit: battlesquid91

Imgur user battlesquid91 posted a picture of a cat who decided to show up at a Crossfit gym in Texas. And, in doing so, made even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast pause between reps to get in some serious petting sets.

Battlesquid91 admitted that having a cat around meant a lot more than simply an excuse to chill between sets. They wrote, "Well this guy came in my gym last night and made my whole week better, and nearly brought me to tears."

They go onto say that they'd been craving some furry companionship, but hadn't had an outlet for it at home. They explained, "I love animals and I have really wanted a pet companion since I recently moved 6 hours away to be with my husband. He, however, is not a fan of inside animals, so I am left pet-less."

Until this little guy showed up and created his own home away from home. He had everybody feline pretty swole.

The gym owner was happy to let the cat chill. He figured the cat could keep any stray mice and (actual) rats at bay. Plus, the cat could probably give some pointers to everybody about proper form and stretching techniques since, as we all know, cats are good at those sort of things.

They named him "LB" for "Little Balls" because that's what happens when a gym names a cat.

Cat Shows Up To Crossfit To Ask, 'Bro, Do You Even Meow'
credit: battlesquid91

Since LB is an independent cat, he doesn't show up every day. After all, everybody needs to take a rest day. But apparently, the cat came back around just in time to catch the gym's Crossfit open. He had been a major part of their training for the event. So he had to be there to see how it all came together.

Judging by the neutral face, LB wasn't exactly meow-ed by the competitors. Then again, he is a cat. And cats are notoriously hard to impress.

Do you exercise with your pet? Will you please please please share some photos with us in the comment section?