This Blushing Bride Loves Her Handsome New Husband's Slobbery Kisses

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'Tis the season for weddings! With the weather (finally) getting warmer and the days getting longer, it's the perfect time to affirm your love. That's why it only seems appropriate that we celebrate the love between these two shepherds, Kaya and Hades.


After a Reddit post featuring Kaya (a white shepherd) and Hades (a black sable German Shepherd) went viral, people have been obsessed with the beautiful contrasting pups.

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The original Reddit post jokes that these pictures look straight out of a wedding album, which they totally do.

And a quick perusal of Kaya's Instagram page makes it obvious there's plenty more heartwarmingly adorable pictures that ooze love.

While you could argue that these are just beautiful engagement pictures...

...they even to have pictures with a furry officiant that make it feel purrfectly wedding official.

We can only imagine how sweet it was to hear "You may now slobber on the bride."

Though there are plenty of gushy sweet pictures filled with PDA, the canines were able to keep their paws off each other to pose for more formal shots.

Though Kayla's Instagram posts say that she and Hades are just best friends, it's pretty clear this best friendship is one for the ages.


The type of love these two dogs share for each other is as magical as the love we celebrate at a wedding.

And Kayla sure makes a beautiful blushing bride.

Plus, the professional feel of the pictures takes the whole shoot to the next love level.

It's pawsitively clear that these two will live happily ever after.