This Loving Kitten Who Adopts A Hiker Will Make You Want To Hit The Trails Right Meow

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We here at Cuteness take our hats off to the humbling men and women that adopt precious critters every day. But today we must stop and appreciate a furry friend that was compelled to adopt a human. Hey, sometimes humans are irresistible too!

The story begins when the cutest calico cat on the planet was separated from his mother, but still found himself enjoying a lovely day in an isolated cornfield.


Video of the Day

Suddenly, a human appeared! Being the loving and open-hearted soul, this kitty decided to let the human approach him, sans scratch attack, and allow the man to get a better look at his gray-haired magnificence.

The friendly feline walked closer to the human in order to get a good look at him as well.

Like a gush of unstoppable wind, it hit him. Kitty was in love. He could not resist the undoubted kindness of the traveling man’s soul. The cat knew what he had to do. That’s right; you guessed it: He adopted the human.

Seeing as a cornfield is no place for a human to live, the cat decided to move into the man’s home where he continues to show off his magnificent mane, as well as eat, sleep and play.

The human, Reddit user NebulonStyle, informed his followers that his new precious pal was taken to a veterinarian before moving into his home, where no microchip was found. It is believed that the human-saving furry was indeed separated from his mother, another stray cat, and was without an "owner" or as we like to call them a "lucky one".


We commend this little guy for being so gracious and adopting this human. May they live in peace and happiness for the rest of their days!