Why This Baby Elephant Threw A Tantrum Is Too Relatable

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Would you rather be small and fleet or big and, well, less fleet?

Such is the dynamic at play in the adorable video embedded below, which comes to us from the Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

On one side of this biological binary is "Jeremy," a good boy that lives amongst the elephants. He is medium-smol and he is elusive.

On the other: Yindi, a 1-year-old male. Tipping the scale at more than 300 pounds, the baby elephant lumbers more than he sprints.


While Yindi is determined, Jeremy runs circles around his less limber foil, which provokes a round of laughter from the humans gathered on the periphery (and those watching along at home).

But you know who isn't happy? Yindi.

Unable to corner his more agile playmate after several attempts, he retreats to seek solace from his doting mom, but not before scattering a pile of leaves with his trunk in a pique of frustration.

Pretty relatable for anyone with a bossy older sibling, amirite or AMIRITE?

Watch the shenanigans below!