18 Animals Sleeping In Weird Positions

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Animals are weird. Especially when they're doing what they tend to do best and most — sleep!. Check out these, um, interesting, animal sleeping positions.

1. Grilling and chilling.

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2. Oh you know, just pooping and sleeping in a tree. Like koalas do.

3. You may not know this, but the Red Panda is perfectly proportioned for sleeping on tree branches.

Very loaf-y.


4. It's not always easy getting into these weird positions ...

It takes some work!


You gotta get comfy!

5. Butts in the air. Don't care.

6. Legs in the air. Don't care.

7. Curled up in a little rattie ball, this guy is an expert in getting comfortable.

Compact and adorable!


8. I don't want to start any rumors, but this polar bear might have a drinking problem.

This polar bear totally has a drinking problem and if we consider ourselves good friends, we should have a intervention.


I'm worried about this cat too.

Someone call him an Uber.


9. Cats are just strange man.

How is this comfortable!?


10. This isn't so much a weird position, as it is an interesting choice of company and pillow.

But really, who sleeps on a turtle? With four ducks on top of him? Wouldn't it be more comfy to use a duck for a pillow? I have so many questions for this sleepy capybara.


11. Just a kitten sleeping with her back paws on her head somehow.



12. This little guy is too tired to pupper.

Luckily he wasn't too far from the ground.

13. When your neck is so long you fold in half for a snooze and sleep on your butt.

14. Baby bunnies taking an upside down nap, or Zombie Bunnies?

They're after your graiiinnnnssssss!

15. This emu is sleeping or he's depressed.

Either way I'm avoiding this emu. Total downer.

16. So sleepy this pup doesn't even notice gravity.

17. Weird, but tidy.

18. Cute, but weird.