26 Chubby Kitties Who Prove Big Is Beautiful

No body-shaming here because these girthful gatos prove that big is beautiful.

1. "Wake me up when it's time for second breakfast."

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2. "Put me in a weight room and I'm pretty sure I could bench press my own weight."

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3. "She's my human crane."

4. "I will absorb the skinny by osmosis."

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5. "Not all heroes, as they say, wear capes. Sometimes it's by choice AND sometimes it's because the damn thing doesn't fit anymore, hrmph."

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6. "Draw me like one of your French girls."

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7. "I can remember a time in my youth when I was slim like this mini kitto." #iregretnothing

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8. "This IS my beach bod."

9. "I'm a couple beers short of a six-pack, but that doesn't mean I don't exercise."

10. "Jeeves, bring my monocle and top hat, posthaste."

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11. "Just get rid of all that other junk and I can fit."

12. "They give me one dish for each stomach (I'm half-goat)."

13. "Mom says I'm not fat, just big-boned."

14. * Sharpens claws * "No, by all means rub my belly..."

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15. "Don't let appearances deceive you, we can still jump from the floor to the kitchen counter in a single bound."


17. "If I kinda fits, I kinda sits."

18. "Good luck trying to make the bed while I'm on it."

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19. "We celebrate #Caturday every day in this household."

20. "Note to self: Stop bingeing on Pizza Rolls late at night."

21. "You'll find me here every morning (because the floor is heated)."

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22. "You're posting this WHERE?"

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23. "Just bring the tuna over here and I'll do the rest."

24. "You're gonna need a bigger crate."

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25. "Some cats are fluffy, some cats are thick. And then there are those — like me — that are both."

26. "Mom says the leash stays on until I walk off the chub."

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