26 Chubby Kitties Who Prove Big Is Beautiful

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No body-shaming here because these girthful gatos prove that big is beautiful.

1. "Wake me up when it's time for second breakfast."

2. "Put me in a weight room and I'm pretty sure I could bench press my own weight."

3. "She's my human crane."

4. "I will absorb the skinny by osmosis."

5. "Not all heroes, as they say, wear capes. Sometimes it's by choice AND sometimes it's because the damn thing doesn't fit anymore, hrmph."

6. "Draw me like one of your French girls."

7. "I can remember a time in my youth when I was slim like this mini kitto." #iregretnothing

8. "This IS my beach bod."

9. "I'm a couple beers short of a six-pack, but that doesn't mean I don't exercise."

10. "Jeeves, bring my monocle and top hat, posthaste."

11. "Just get rid of all that other junk and I can fit."

12. "They give me one dish for each stomach (I'm half-goat)."

13. "Mom says I'm not fat, just big-boned."

14. * Sharpens claws * "No, by all means rub my belly..."

15. "Don't let appearances deceive you, we can still jump from the floor to the kitchen counter in a single bound."


17. "If I kinda fits, I kinda sits."

18. "Good luck trying to make the bed while I'm on it."

19. "We celebrate #Caturday every day in this household."

20. "Note to self: Stop bingeing on Pizza Rolls late at night."

21. "You'll find me here every morning (because the floor is heated)."

22. "You're posting this WHERE?"

23. "Just bring the tuna over here and I'll do the rest."

24. "You're gonna need a bigger crate."

25. "Some cats are fluffy, some cats are thick. And then there are those — like me — that are both."

26. "Mom says the leash stays on until I walk off the chub."

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