This Lab Rides The Bus Alone Every Day To A Hilarious Destination

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We like to think of our dogs as people, but deep down we know that they need us for things like food, shelter, and a ride to their favorite dog park.


If Reddit user SeattlecityMisfit is to be believed, a dog named Eclipse doesn't need her humans for that last one anymore. SeattlecityMisfit posted a picture of Eclipse on the bus and explained that the pup rides it every day — by herself.

"So this is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park. She even has her own bus pass attached to her collar," she wrote.

The story might sound a little far-fetched, but some commenters reported that they had also seen Eclipse riding the bus to the dog park.


"I used to get on at the same bus stop and ride the same bus with her every morning in Seattle. her owner hated all of the publicity she gets but he understood. she would sometimes get on the bus without him paying attention then she would get off at the dog park and he would meet her there. very cool dog," -dubstech- wrote.


JuniperFoxtrot added, "I've seen Eclipse on the D line in Seattle (the route she takes). She got on downtown and hopped off in Queen Anne. I was so excited — it was like seeing a celebrity! But no one else cared so I felt like a dork."


Is it irresponsible to buy a ticket to Seattle to ride a bus around town waiting for a celebrity dog to make an appearance? Asking for a friend.

Would you like to see more? Mouse over to Eclipse's Facebook page. It's one of our favorites!

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