Homeless Couple Says Goodbye To Their Dogs For A Touching Reason

Despite the fact that Wilma and Ruben were homeless and struggling to survive in Los Angeles, that didn't stop the pair from sharing what little they had with a small pack of pups in need.

The rescue organization Hope For Paws discovered Wilma, Reuben, and their dogs back in January.

At first, the couple was understandably hesitant to part with their pups.

But, after Eldad Hagar, the Hope For Paws organization founder, showed pictures of the good work they do, and the future the rescue could help provide for the animals, the couple knew their dogs would be taken care of.

Rescuers were originally greeted by four dogs, but Wilma and Ruben were actually caring for seven and taking surprisingly good care of them all despite their circumstances.

Knowing that Hope For Paws could provide medical attention, proper nutrition, and loving homes for their beloved pets, the couple eventually decided to say goodbye to several of the dogs they had been caring for.

Wilma and Ruben allowed rescuers to take five of the seven dogs. The pair were hesitant to give away the others at first, so Eldad said she'd return later to talk about it further and give updates on the dogs taken into custody. The organization also provided Ruben and Wilma with tents, blankets, and clothes.

True to their promise, Hope For Paws took good care of the dogs.

Rescuers returned 48 hours later to talk about the health of the remaining two dogs. Wilma and Ruben agreed to give them up, knowing the happy future Hope For Paws would provide the pups.

When the puppy pack was fully reunited, the dogs were so happy to see each other. Especially since one of the dogs initially left in the care of Wilma and Ruben was the only surviving puppy of another dog, Stella — who made it clear she was beyond happy to see her baby.

Hope For Paws shared the whole story on their Facebook page.

People even started fundraising for the couple. And, though Hope For Paws hasn't provided any updates, hopefully, all their efforts have made a positive lasting difference on the lives of these two people who were willing to make such an incredible sacrifice for their four-legged friends.

The "Magnificent 7," as Hope for Paws nicknamed them, were all fostered together. No doubt each of these wonderful dogs have since found loving forever homes.