19 Photos That Prove Cats Are Actually Sweethearts

Cats sometimes get a bad rap for being snotty/antisocial/prone to biting and scratching — you name it. But any cat lover knows that cats can actually be straight-up sweethearts and here's proof!

1.Look at this little furball with the soul of a poet stopping to smell the roses!

2. And this cat, whose number one happy place is a field of flowers.

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3. This cat, who loves cuddling in the grass so much he's basically Walt Whitman.

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4. Then there's this cat who loves his teddy bear more than we'll ever know.

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5. These cats holding each other's paws.

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6. Speaking of paws, this four-paw hug is melting our hearts!

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7. These two cats showing us how cuddling is DONE.

8. Not to be outdone, here are four kittens cuddling in a food bowl.

9. And the grand cuddling finale, this cat who is snuggling with two PUPS, you guys, we can't even!!

10. This kitty who can't bear the thought of you going on a trip without them.

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11. Meanwhile, this cat can't bear the thought of you leaving the HOUSE without her.

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12. This cat who really wants you to be able check your email, but also can't stop herself from snuggling with your hand.

13. Omigoodness, this kitty who loves books more than anything in the whole wide world.

14. And this cat who knows she doesn't have opposable thumbs, but she still wants to help you make breakfast!

15. And this cat who is just so happy to have tea with you and to sip out of a cat mug to boot!

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16. This kitty would just LOVE for you to play her a tune while she takes a piano nap, oh won't you please?

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17. This cat who is wearing the cutest little strawberry hat because she knows it brings the world such joy.

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18. This cat who defies all stereotypes by freaking LOVING bath time.

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19. And last but certainly not least, this sweetie who is waiting patiently at the window for his person to come home.

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