24 Sexiest Dog Boudoir Photos You've Ever Seen

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Even dogs need to embrace their sexy side. Here are 24 doggy style (sorry, couldn't resist) boudoir pictures that prove sex positive thinking isn't just for humans.


1. "Draw me like one of your French girls."

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2. "Let me change into something more comfortable ... no seriously. Please let me."

3. #WorthTheTanLines

4. Playpup of the month.

5. "Can you get my back?"

6. "Be honest: What do you think of my new bikini?"

7. "Baby, I got back."

8. "It's ... aerobic pole dancing?"

9. "So 'gramming this."

10. "Why yes, I am flexible."

11. "I do tasteful nudes."

12. Double the fun.

13. No filters. No Photoshop.

14. Nothing says sexy like piles of satin.

15. Modesty?

16. "Hey, eyes up here."

17. "Attaching this to a text at 3 a.m."

18. Sweet and sexy.

19. Strategic hair placement.

20. "I'm only wearing a bow ... oh wait. JK, not wearing anything."

21. "Censoring this. Definitely censoring this."

22. Just ... stretching.

23. "I'll just bend over and pick that up ..."

24. "Oh, I didn't see you there."