15 Dogs Playing Fetch By Themselves Because Being Introverted Is Awesome

Watching a dog play fetch can be endlessly entertaining, but human arms tend to get tired more quickly than dog legs. Luckily, there's a solution for that!

1. That impatient dance is the dog equivalent of a human prodding a crosswalk button.

2. "So that's what stairs are for!"

3. It's hard to play fetch when you're smiling too much to keep the ball in your mouth.

4. This dog has discovered that Mother Nature is the best playmate.

5. Anybody else feel tired just looking at this?

6. Strong independent doggo don't need no man.

7. Every molecule of this dog's body is vibrating with excitement.

8. Boing!

9. Does the dog also jump on the trampoline?

10. As cute as this is, it also seems headed face-first for disaster.

11. Doggy Tai Chi

12. "Every time I think I'm out, they roll me back in."

13. Don't worry, doggo, we're sure the nice man would play with you if he could.

14. "Higher! HIGHER!"

15. Apparently, virtual reality games for dogs are a thing. What's next?

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